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During the last 7 years I have travelled to 25+ countries for tennis tournaments  ranging from Junior- to Senior Competitions to Nordic- and European Championships.

I use the demands and stress of tennis to help players become strong, resilient people that are able to problem solve in high pressure situations while showing great character. 

I care about the results of the players that I work with, but I by any means care more about who the players are becoming as persons, as a result of their sports journey. 

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"How to Communicate Better as a Tennis Coach"

I’m currently distilling the wisdom of the many clever podcast guest. There is a lot of talk about the so called “Soft Skills” of tennis coaching. This book aims to provide you with an easy to understand low practical guide to what at first eye glance could seem intangible, but through the eyes and words of the podcast guest now is easy accessible and straight away applicable to your daily work on and off the tennis court.

If you dare ...
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