Long term commitments > Short term commitments

I (Michael) wouldn’t work with somebody where I don’t have the feeling that it’s a match. You are close together for such a big part of the year. You can only work on a long term basis because to change something or to improve something, it takes time.

It takes trust and it takes two people who understand each other.

So, for me, the only way is getting to know the player, getting to know the physio, working together with them.

There is no quick fix.

The connecting between the player and the person

It’s always important to get feedback from the player and learn more about the player.

Listen to the joys, the fears and small things in order to understand the player.

The tennis player and the human being is strongly connected

By understanding the player, you will also understand their reactions and also how you as a coach can help from the outside.

– Michael Geserer

#97: Michael Geserer – There are no short cuts in tennis


In this episode you are going to listen to Michael Geserer. Michael did not pick up a tennis racquet until the age of 17 but managed to play qualifying for all Slams and a career high singles ranking of #198. Formerly Michael has among other coaches Julia Goerges and is currently the coach of Jen Brady.

You’ll get to know:

  • Jen Brady’s attitude during Covid-19
  • How to plan so you can adjust
  • The importance of empathy and listening

Enjoy the show!


01:30 Communication with a player during Covid-19
03:50 Jen Brady’s approach and attitude in the Covid-19 period
05:15 Looking forward to the Australian tennis swing 2021
06:15 The German Tennis Coaching License
07:30 Planning as a tennis coach to adjust towards the outcomes
08:10 Empathy and listening
09:10 Respect
10:25 The tennis player and the whole human being is closely connected
11:55 The opportunity to practice in Regensburg
12:30 The environment in Regensburg
13:15 Experience and passion
13:45 Use your time it’s valuable
14:30 Learn and gather information
14:50 Surround yourself with positive people
15:15 I believe in planning
15:40 Swedish tennis coaches have predominantly been the inspiration

16:15 Long term commitments > short term commitments

17:00 How to go about long-term commitments with a player

18:30 How reach Michael Geserer