Most players already keep their shoulders healthy to some extent, but a lot could probably do better. It could be integrated a bit more.

Looking back onto my (Luke) own practice and what I did with tennis players is they’ll do their band work in the warmups. Then some specific posteria shoulder work in the gym program, but that’s really about it and when the player then goes away for tournaments, they will often go through their band work super quick and there is not a lot of attention paid to it.

In Baseball it’s something that’s heavily integrated into the gym program and it’s something that they have specific days where they are assigned to do a program that would do a posterior rotator cuff program on top of the warmups where it’s also heavily integrated into. It’s also a really big focus in the off season. Taking the example of a tennis player, who might only have a couple of weeks off and then they start in preseason. You’ve got a good amount of reduction in the load in chronic load and you’ve got a big spike in your acute load. You’re probably not going to want to pick up a racket for a period of that, but you can definitely keep a band and you can keep the scapula and your posterior shoulder really strong and really tolerant. So, when you do go back, they’re not just starting from zero. And I think that’s something where there’s potentially a lesson to be learned around that.

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