In this episode you are going to listen to Michael Geserer. Michael did not pick up a tennis racquet until the age of 17 but managed to play qualifying for all Slams and a career high singles ranking of #198. Formerly Michael has among other coaches Julia Goerges and is currently the coach of Jen Brady.

You’ll get to know:

  • Jen Brady’s attitude during Covid-19
  • How to plan so you can adjust
  • The importance of empathy and listening

Enjoy the show!


01:30 Communication with a player during Covid-19
03:50 Jen Brady’s approach and attitude in the Covid-19 period
05:15 Looking forward to the Australian tennis swing 2021
06:15 The German Tennis Coaching License
07:30 Planning as a tennis coach to adjust towards the outcomes
08:10 Empathy and listening
09:10 Respect
10:25 The tennis player and the whole human being is closely connected
11:55 The opportunity to practice in Regensburg
12:30 The environment in Regensburg
13:15 Experience and passion
13:45 Use your time it’s valuable
14:30 Learn and gather information
14:50 Surround yourself with positive people
15:15 I believe in planning
15:40 Swedish tennis coaches have predominantly been the inspiration

16:15 Long term commitments > short term commitments

17:00 How to go about long-term commitments with a player

18:30 How reach Michael Geserer

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