Today you are going to listen to Stephan Medem, Stepan played professionally himself & reached a career high of #216 in singles & #146 in doubles. He has been coaching several players on the WTA-tour including the following top 50 players Claudia Porwik, Anca Barna, Meike Babel, Laura Gildemeister, Karina Habsudova & Babara Rittner. Further more he has written 2 books, “PlayGirl” & “Ich will nach Wimbledon”. Currently Stephan is the Head Coach of Junior Development at NHTC Nuremberg.

In this episode you’ll get to know:

– How all of us are born mentally tough

– How to reprogramming mental toughness

– Which 2 World Number 1’s that Stephan completely misjudged

Enjoy the show!

01:30 How we are born mentally tough
07:04 The parent’s & Coach’s role
09:23 Reprogramming kids to mental toughness
11:37 Help the kids with a different perspective
18:46 The red flags
20:55 World numner 1’s that Stephan misjudged
27:50 Talk the same language
29:53 Harry Hopmann
35:25 The system in junior tennis
37:47 Thiem & Bresnik
39:45 Tennis Associations
44:18 The importance of patience
47:16 Stephan’s advice

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