Dave Miley has an incredible amount of experience within high performance in tennis having been the Owner of Record tennis for 10 years before joining the ITF for 24 years where 18 of those were as the Executive Director of Development

You’ll get to know:

– The difference between succesful an unsuccesful associations

– What professional tennis could do better

– Which contries that will rise to the top in the future

Enjoy the show!

01:30 3 biggest wins while serving as technical director
04:12 Why doubles is important
05:30 Why ATP/WTA is not simulating
06:45 How professional tennis could be better
09:23 The Advances Coaches Manual
11:11 What Dave would add/remove from the manual
12:11 The reasoning for Play & Stay
14:06 Greatest challenges as Technical Director
17:18 What Dave would have loved to do
22:02 Most common mistakes of National Associations
26:03 National Associations that got it right
33:45 Concerns regarding GPTCA
38:23 What Dave would like to do going forwards
43:30 How Dave would teach coaches in 3 easy steps
46:53 The countries rising to the top in the future
49:35 The Grand Slam Development Funds
52:15 The importance of the serve
53:50 How Dave gets better
58:15 The books that have inspired Dave
60:30 Your reputation is everything
61:40 Using time effectively
67:00 Dave’s advice

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