Hi guys, In this episode you are going to listen to Luke Passman. Luke worked 6 years at the Soto Tennis Academy as the Head of Sport Science Support and have for the past 2 years been the Strength and Conditioning Coordinator at The New York Mets.

You’ll get to know:

  • The Google Earth Analogy
  • Why and how to quantify Tennis drills
  • What Tennis can learn from Baseball

Enjoy the show!


01:30 How to safely progress serve count in tennis
08:00 Using the Google earth analogy to help tennis players
11:00 Why there is a need to quantify tennis drills
15:30 How to balance intensity, repetitions and volume in tennis practices
18:00 How to plan a tennis player’s weekly practices from a physical point of view
20:10 How tennis coaches can approach S&C coaches to plan a tennis player’s schedule
24:00 What tennis can learn from baseball
27:10 What Luke would change where he to go back to Tennis S&C
29:30 Why you need to build strong relationships as an S&C Coach
30:45 Problem solving coaching and how to get organizations to change
31:30 Why technology needs to be on tap not on top
332:40 The biggest myth is that tennis players can’t lift weights
34:50 How different approaches work in different cultures
36:00 Favorite Books: “The Chimp Paradox” and “Conscious Coaching”
37:00 Luke Passman’s advice to tennis players, parents and coaches
38:00 How to stay updated on Luke Passman

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