Coaching is based on several factors, including content, method, and coaching quality, rather than just one buzzword or unique theory.

The principles of tennis, such as the geometry of the court and laws of physics, are critical in coaching. What matters most is getting from point A to point B, and how you achieve it doesn’t matter.

Tennis requires a lot of repetition-based activities, which can be challenging for players. Therefore, a coach must tailor their approach to the player’s abilities and strengths. It’s crucial to identify players’ strengths and weaknesses and work with them accordingly.

Coaches need to be adaptable and connect with players on a personal level. Without this connection, there can be no direction.

Therefore, a great coach must understand the player, not only on a technical level, but also personally. A great coach has the ability to get the player to believe that the change is coming from them, rather than the coach. Ultimately, the coach’s ability to adapt and understand the player is crucial to success, as every player is unique and requires a tailored approach.

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