It depends whether it’s specific or whether it’s global.

If it’s global, looking at in terms of how an academy sets up training a good way to approach would be to lay out what you’re doing as a tennis coach. Collaboratively discuss; “Is this getting the most out of our players?”

Present the S&C coach with:
– What are our main drills?
– These are our main basket drills
– These are our main conditional drills of additional points
– These are all main ways in which we try and structure in place maybe our match play

Let the S&C coach know why and discuss if what you are doing is the best way to go about it.

If it’s specific to one player discuss questions like:
– What is the drill related to?
– What is the goal of the drill?
– Why are we using it?
– How often is the player going to be exposed to this?

Then ultimately it comes down to if we are going to expose the player, to something regularly,
– How do we then manipulate the volume and the intensity of that?
– What is the required intensity of that drill?

That will lead to the program dictating the volume that then also dictates the amount that the player repeatedly can be exposed to the specific element.

So, having clarity in terms of what exactly it is you’re trying to achieve is key because that’s then going to drive a better and more informed conversation and then having that be a collaborative one where you can put your heads together. Potentially watch video to assess the course. If possible, get the S&C coach to see it live, because not all S&C Coaches in tennis know tennis inside out like the back of the hand.

I (Luke) was at Soto Tennis Academy for 6-7 years and it took me a number of years before I (Luke) felt comfortable understanding a lot of the drills on court and understanding actually what they meant, how to quantify them and what actually was hard and what wasn’t. So, for somebody that maybe hasn’t spent a lot of time in tennis, just having the coach be open to saying, “Hey, can you come on, go and take a look at this and then can we go back and discuss that? That’s really valuable.

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