First of all, if you have been a player, you have to cut the string, you’re done, it’s over. Your tennis career is over. I think a lot of coaches have a problem with that. They cannot see, “OK, it’s over”.

…but it is.

Use all the experiences and all the mistakes you did. That’s a good start. If you haven’t been a player, if you have another background to be a coach, then it’s totally different.

In my (Peter) case, I tried to listen a lot to the players. It’s an advantage having been a player at a certain level, because you can you think a little bit like them and that’s a good thing.

When that is said, when I (Peter) work with somebody, I don’t have a line that this is the way it should be. You always have to see who you work with. Some players need more practice, some need more quality and less practice.

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