Hi guys, In this episode you are going to listen to Emma Doyle. Emma has been coaching for the past 30 years. She is a Tennis Australia High Performance Coach, tennis touring professional and a talent developmental coach. Emma is big on what she calls the “E-factors” Energy, Empathy and enjoyment.

You’ll get to know:

  • How to use future based questions
  • How to use sticky language
  • When to use direct- and indirect coaching

Enjoy the show!


01:30 What makes a great tennis coach
04:00 Listen
06:30 Future based questions
12:00 Sticky language
14:45 Direct vs indirect coaching
21:20 Questioning
25:00 WTCA
26:30 Team values
30:00 Habitual words
30:45 Keep knocking on doors and don’t take it personally
31:45 The importance of cringing
32:40 It doesn’t matter if you have the prettiest technique
34:30 Tennis exposes who you are
35:00 Gamification and anchoring

36:30 Emma’s inspirations

38:00 Emma’s advice to players, parents and coaches

40:15 How to get in contact with Emma

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