Hi guys, In this episode you are going to listen to Kyle LaCroix. Kyle holds a master’s degree in educational leadership from Stanford University. He is among a bunch of other certifications a USTA High Performance Coach and last year he was named USPTA Master Professional which is the highest achievable rating a tennis professional can hold. On a day-to-day basis Kyle is running Sets consulting that specializes in educational tennis solutions,

You’ll get to know:

  • How to adapt and set high standards
  • How to balance work-life as a tennis coach
  • How to consider the legacy that you leave behind

Enjoy the show!


01:00 The shared denominators of great coaches
05:30 No connection, no direction
08:30 Balancing adaptability
11:15 Adaptability and standards
12:40 How to communicate standards
15:30 Work life balance as a tennis coach
21:45 Failure
26:25 The semantics around failure
31:10 The best way to fight negativity
36:30 Holding up your end of the bargain + flicking with the wrist
48:50 On court coaching – for it against it
53:45 Is serve and volley on it’s way back to tennis?
60:15 My aces my faults – owning your mistakes, gratitude and perspective

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