Hi guys, this time around you will get to listen to Craig O’Shannessy. Craig analyses tennis strategy and teaches players, coaches and fans patterns of play and the winning percentages that dominate tennis. Craig has among others coached the likes of Amer Delic, Rajeev Ram, Marcel Ilhan and Kevin Anderson. He was a part of Team Djokovic from 2017-2019 and is currently a part of the team around Jan Lennart Struff.

You’ll get to know:

  • The misconception of 0-4
  • What U12-U18 Junior Tennis Data looks like
  • Why a higher 1st serve % is not always better 

Enjoy the show!


01:20 The History of Data in tennis
06:30 The old and new mantra for tennis coaches
09:05 Why 0-4 is so important
11:50 Switzerland vs Tuscany
13:50 It’s not ONLY about 0-4
15:20 Why a higher 1st serve percentage is not always better
18:50 3 shot rallies and approaching the net
22:50 Data in Junior Tennis U12-U18
24:50 Like a radio wave opposed to a shockwave
27:10 Permission to miss
31:35 The misconception about 0-4
32:50 Bridging the gap between the mental and the strategy
33:50 Work on patterns rather than shots in isolation
35:00 The longer the rally goes the more even the outcome will be
36:20 Novak loosing 9+ rallies when he won Australian Open 2018
37:05 The first 2 touches are everything
37:50 Anytime you can upgrade a backhand to a forehand you do it
38:50 We gave up on serve and volley, serve and volley never gave up on us
40:20 Winning percentages at the baseline, net + serve and volley
42:35 The run around forehand effect
44:50 Open by Agassi, Rafa by Rafa
45:20 Serving wide in deuce side
47:10 Craig O’Shannessy’s advice for Tennis Coaches
47:55 Craig O’Shannessy’s advice for Tennis Players
48:50 Craig O’Shannessy’s advice for Tennis Parents
49:50 Where to stay updated on Craig O’Shannesy

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