Hi guys, this time around you will get to listen to Brad Gilbert. Brad probably doesn’t need a whole lot of introduction, but in brief highlight he was ranked as high as number 4 in the ATP Rankings. After his playing career he has among others coached Kei Nishikori, Andy Murray, Andy Roddick while he won his sole Grand Slam and reached number 1 in the world as well as Andre Agassi during 6 of his 8 Grand Slam titles. 

Brad has further written one of the most well-known tennis books “Winning Ugly” and “I’ve got your back”. Currently Brad is commentating on ESPN, coaching local juniors and makes sure to have a hit on the wall several times a week. 

You’ll get to know:

  • What we can learn from Nadal & Medvedev 
  • Why Djokovic is the new Lendl 
  • Why you need to be even keel as a Coach

Enjoy the show!


01:30 Using Nicknames
02:30 The best coaching over dinner
04:00 How players process information
05:30 How the idea of Winning Ugly arose
07:30 What we can learn from Medvedev and Nadal
08:55 How Djokovic is the new Lendl
10:50 How to learn from losses
12:25 The surprising coaching advice from Allan Fox
14:05 Even keel Chivington
15:15 Taking losses harder as a coach than player
16:15 Amazed at the game of tennis
17:45 The luxury of seeing the 3 best ever competing against each other
19:00 Short term memory loss
21:00 Think about today and tomorrow
22:00 Nothing is a given
22:30 Life is like a tennis match
23:30 The match should be the easy part 
24:30 John Wooden25:30 How to learn from other sports
26:15 How to stay updated on Brad Gilbert

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