Hi guys, in this episode you get to listen to Hans-Peter Born. Peter was for 26 years in charge of coaches’ education and 14 and Under development in the DTB (the German tennis federation). During his tenure at the DTB Peter has overseen the development of the likes of Laura Sigemund, Sabine Lisicki, Angelique Kerber and Sasha Zverev. Peter has been a part of the ITF coaches commission since 1996 and even though he is recently retired from his position at the DTB he can’t help himself from being engaged in the world of tennis on and off the court.

You’ll get to know:

  • About the difference between Junior Tennis Development now and then
  • Peter’s thoughts on traveling as a Junior Tennis Player
  • How Peter has changed his mind on changing grips

Enjoy the show!


01:00 A new priority in practices
03:49 Intensity in practices
05:00 Placement of serve, return + 1 in tennis practices
06:36 Beginner vs performance player
07:50 Create open game situations on the tennis practice court
09:12 60-80 serves in a 90-120-minute practice
10:55 There is a difference on a 1980 and 2020 Porsche
12:30 The difference between before and now in junior tennis development
15:40 The amount of international travel at an early age
18:00 Moderate travel 12U + 14U internationally
20:30 The change of carpet courts
21:15 Always have a purpose as a tennis coach
22:00 Changing grips
24:45 Communication is key
26:15 Clearing roles between coaches and players
27:35 Less is more as a tennis coach
28:35 Rather 90 good minutes than 180 average ones
29:10 Why the resistance against changing the practice court
30:35 Hans Peter Born’s inspirations
32:55 Hans Peter Born’s advice to tennis parents, tennis coaches and tennis players
33:20 How to stay updated on Hans Peter Born

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